Nebulent - software solutions


1. Enterprise Solutions

The main focuses of Nebulent Inc. is building large enterprise scalable SOA-based (Service Oriented Architecture) SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions within clouds. We help organizations bring their visions to life by effectively applying technology to business processes.

2. Monitoring Software

Real time monitoring of business processes has become essential for any successful business, be that financial, retail, pharma or any other type of business. Over past years, Nebulent, has been able to deliver a number of successful monitoring solutions to Fortune 1000 companies based on Esper CEP (Complex Event Processing) Engine and JBoss Drools.

3. Cloud Computing

Enterprises are starting to realize the benefits of Clouds. We are helping customers move into Cloud computing space by lowering the learning curve through a combination of consulting services and off-the-shelf solutions.

4.Enterprise Content Management

Nebulent works with both the major ECM platforms and niche vendors to help our clients deal with the explosion of unstructured content that must be integrated with more traditional structured data. Our solutions focus on product selection, technology integration and implementation, and governance and process. Moreover, we’ve helped dozen of organizations and departments gain self-sufficiency through our flexible ECM solutions.

Whether it’s corporate portals using Drupal, Vignette, Alfresco®, Sharepoint®, etc., we’ve done it all.

5. Portal Development

By deploying portal solutiosn, Nebulent helps organizations achieve a variety of business goals, such as better sharing of business intelligence, improved performance, and higher levels of innovation. By providing a single, comprehensive environment that connects diverse users, legacy processes, and disparate content types, we help our customers create valuable collaborative relationships that were previously impossible due to technical limitations. We extend proprietary applications, and connect people with information and each other regardless of operating system, network, or content type. We work with all portal technologies, including LifeRay and JBoss Portal.

6. Open Source Technology Support Service

Nebulent offers Open Source software support services. Our expertise includes the following projects:

  1. Apache ServiceMix 3.1 – 4.1 (OSGi-based Kernel)
  2. Apache CFX
  3. Apache Camel
  4. OSGi service development on Progress Fuse 4.1 platform.
  5. Jboss AS
  6. Jboss Drools
  7. Esper CEP

7. Outsourced Product Development

To be successful, enterprise software product development requires a level of dedication, collaboration and engagement that goes beyond traditional outsourcing. Commercial software products/platforms demand expandable robust and yet flexible architecture to offer stable platform and sustain multiple product generations. Given the need to support complex deployment requirements, software products also require extensive testing across a range of platforms and usage scenarios as well as the ability to extend the product functionality through professional services. Nebulent roots are in Product Development Outsourcing (PDO), refined through long term engagements with major software firms as well as building cloud-based SaaS platforms for our own commercial softweare products.