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Edie (Enterprise Data Intelligence Engine) is our latest application that is specifically designed to help organization get up to speed with Amazon Mechnical Turk platform without going through a learning curve. No need to code or manage any spreadsheets. Design your tasks and push your data through our qualified work force to get fast results at fraction of a penny.


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MongoDB findModify with Spring Data


public static class FindAndModifyRequest implements Serializable { /**/ private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private Query query;  private Field field;  private Sort sort; private Update update; private boolean remove;  private boolean returnNew;  private boolean upsert;


/** * @param <T> * @param request * @param converter * @param collectionName * @return */ protected <T> T findAndModify(Class<T> clazz, FindAndModifyRequest request, String collectionName) { DBObject updateObj = request.getUpdateObject(); for (String key : updateObj.keySet()) { updateObj.put(key, mongoTemplate.getConverter().convertToMongoType(updateObj.get(key))); } DBObject queryObj = (request.getQuery() == null) ? new BasicDBObject() : queryMapper.getMappedObject(request.getQueryObject(), mongoTemplate.getConverter().getMappingContext().getPersistentEntity(clazz)); DBObject dbObject = getDbCollection(collectionName).findAndModify(/*request.getQueryObject()*/queryObj,       request.getFieldsObject(),       request.getSortObject(),       request.isRemove(),       /*request.getUpdateObject()*/updateObj,       request.isReturnNew(),       request.isUpsert()); if(dbObject == null) { return null; } return mongoTemplate.getConverter().read(clazz, dbObject); }